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Decaf Coffee - Whats the fuss over caffeine?

So, every time you go out and get coffee you order decaf. What exactly is that? Do you know what the difference is besides the caffeine between the regular coffee and the decaf? It is funny how we can go through much of our lives eating and drinking things, such as decaf coffee, and not really know much about them. Here you will learn a little bit more about that hot brew that you enjoy so much. You might actually learn something that you could have never guessed.

All About Decaf Coffee

Decaf coffee is coffee that has had the coffee removed from the coffee beans. The process of removing the caffeine from the beans is more complicated than many think because many assume that the beans can simply be grown without it, but this is not the case. The decaffeination process is always done on green or un-roasted coffee beans. There are several different methods of removing the substances from the beans but it usually involves an initial steaming of the beans. After the steaming the coffee beans are usually rinsed in a solvent eight to 12 different times until the beans either meet an international standard, or when 97% of the caffeine from the beans has been removed. In the EU standards are even higher, with the beans needing to be 99.9% caffeine free by mass when they are ready to be sold.

The great thing about the decaf coffee rinsing process is that it has proven to remove just the caffeine from the beans, not any of the important essential oils or other chemicals that are important not only to the taste of the coffee, but also the smell of the coffee, which is equally important to coffee drinkers. While there are not any coffee beans that naturally have little or no caffeine, Arabica coffee contains less caffeine than does Robusta coffee, making this an obvious choice for those that want as little caffeine as possible.

Decaf coffee is a subject of great debate, if you can believe that. Many experts believe that it should not be marketed as decaffeinated but as low caffeine because all of the coffee contains small or trace amounts of caffeine. While it does not seem like a big deal to most of us, those that are very sensitive to the chemical might like to know that they are getting small amounts of coffee that may make them excitable or unable to sleep.

If you would like less caffeine you generally will want to buy decaf coffee. While there is .01-3% coffee it is much less than what you will get if you drink regular coffee. You should simply know that when you drink any coffee you may be introducing caffeine, even in small amounts, to your system.