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Columbian Coffee is more common then you think!

If you like coffee, chances are that you have consumed Columbian coffee at some point. This coffee is found just about anywhere from the grocery stores to restaurants and is one of the more commonly served and consumed coffees. This type of coffee is either loved or not by coffee drinkers, as it is known to be anywhere from delicious to bland and even bitter. While the coffee is often criticized for its lack of flavor, it is one of the more affordable coffee varieties out there, so if you buy coffee for price you really cannot complain!

All About Columbian Coffee

Columbian coffee really isn’t rare, in fact they generate quite a bit of beans, but most of these beans are of average quality, though there are some exceptions to the rule. Many people cannot quite figure out what the difference is in the flavor of the coffee, and much of it is due to the fact that Columbian coffee is washed before it hits the market shelves. This washing process washes away all of the impurities in the coffee and is said to produce a more flavorful cup of coffee. The difference is the taste may be the fact that a lot of sources dry process their coffee, so the flavor is different.

The washing process of Columbian coffee is actually quite extensive, with the beans being soaked in cold water for up to 24 hours. This soaking starts the fermentation process, which contributes to the aroma associated with this coffee. The beans are then washed again to remove any dirt and residue that may be stuck to the beans. During the washing process beans are carefully selected, and unacceptable beans are thrown away. After the washing process the beans are dried in open air and rotated often to aide in the drying process. The point of all of the washing and drying is that the lower the acid content the smoother the cup of coffee will be.

Columbian coffee has been processed in this way since the 1800’s and was actually one of the first coffees that was introduced to the mainstream population. While the coffee is often criticized today for its lack of flavor and inconsistent quality levels, it simply should not be compared to other coffees. While Columbian coffee may not be considered one of the premium varieties out there, it is good in its own right, especially if the beans are fresh, freshly roasted, and then ground in such a way that makes them prime for brewing. This coffee is enjoyed by many, despite the fact that there are many other varieties on the market to choose from.